Services We Offer

Retailers’ Credit Association of Grass Valley, Inc. (RCA) is a full service collection agency. Clients assign delinquent consumer or commercial accounts in an “Active” or “Judgment” state.   Your cost is the contingency fee which is based on results.  We do not get paid until we have positive results.

After 90 days delinquent accounts report to the three credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.

RCA offers complete in-house legal services providing quick and effective results on Small Claim  and Civil judgments.  Upon approval from the client, our attorneys and legal staff prepare the necessary paperwork and follow-through with the courts and process serving documents to the debtor.   Once an account has become a judgment there are many avenues of enforcement.   These may include filing abstracts, Order of Exams, Earnings Withholding Orders, Bank Levies, Assignment Orders, etc. Court and Sheriff documents are  prepared and executed by the agency.   We monitor bankruptcies and probates and file creditors claims, as required.

Debtors move around, we are continually doing skip tracing activities to locate them.   We have access to many databases and use various other resources to assist in this activity.  RCA networks with over 2,500 ACA agencies throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Our services are focused on the collection of the entire amount assigned as opposed to settling for a few cents on the dollar.

RCA is computerized with Columbia Ultimate Business Systems (CUBS) the leader in collection software.

Contingency fees are on a sliding scale based on dollar amount of the assignment.   Consideration is given to  large volume of assignments.  Statements and client checks are issued on a monthly basis by the 10th of each month.

Please contact us via e-mail or telephone for a quote.